Three Unique Ways to Gain More Readers.

On the internet today, there are several unique ways to gain more readers for your blog. But I’m going to list three here. They are:

1. Having regular content

2. Having a social media presence

3. Guest posting in other blogs.

1. Having Regular Content.

Back in the days when getting traffic to one’s blog was more tedious, due to the fact that there was no social media then, bloggers had to literally write their asses off creating at least one or more posts everyday.

The idea behind this, was to have new contents so readers keep coming back.

It was very much unlike today, where you have different social media platforms and forums that you can use to generate traffic. But it is not totally obsolete.

The truth is, whether you’re using the magazine module (posting several contents per day) or the expert module (posting one or evergreen content per week), you need to have fresh content. It will keep readers coming back.

If readers have read everything there is to read in your blog, they won’t come to read it again, especially if it isn’t an evergreen content.

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2. Having a social media presence.

Unlike back in the days, today, all you need do is go on social media, make some friends and share posts, or pay for advertising on platforms like Facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, etc.

Social media is really effective in driving traffic to blogs. And it is one of the best ways to gain more readers for your blog.

Now all social platform do not work the same way. You have to learn how to effectively make use of each platform.

And because it is not easy to keep up with so many social accounts, it is wise to pick a few and work effectively with them.

One can start with one or two social platforms.

You should know though,about 50% of people on social media are there just to socialize. They find it hard to leave the platform all in the name of following a link.

I remember when I used to post short stories on my fan page and drop a link to the complete work. One reader complained about links. “Why not drop everything here? Must I leave Facebook just to read the story?”

And he wasn’t alone. Some of my readers backed his query with more queries. But they eventually followed the link. There was no other choice. I didn’t give any.

I’ve read some post by some author concerning this too.

So what can you do to get people to actually follow your link out of Facebook or any other social media platform where they are having fun?

Answer. You need to produce quality content, along with a catchy heading that holds lots of promises.

Now unlike social media pages, when readers visit a blog, it is because there is something he/she is looking for. They wouldn’t only read, they will click embedded links that takes them to other posts in your blog, that deals on their topic of interest.

There is no hesitation. No kill joy. Just a person who is eager for more of the information or entertainment you’re offering.

3. Guest posting in other blogs.

Each blog, no matter how big or small, has its own unique audience. And the best way for a new blogger to make it, is to tap into the reader base of these blogs.

Tapping into this goldmine is what is referred to as Guest Posting, one of the best ways to gain more readers.

Guest Posting is simply the act of publishing your own unique posts on several other platforms, in your niche, with link backs to your blog.

If your write-up is superb and unique, definitely, readers will click on your profile, which will show up beneath the post and visit your blog.

This old age trick worked wonders back then and still working wonders today. If you want reasonable traffic, commenting on blog posts isn’t enough. You have to guest post.

Believe me when I say one great guest post isn’t enough. You need several

So How Do You Start The Process of Guest Posting?

If you want your guest post accepted, there are things you must do. I call it, home work. And this homework starts with research.

Without proper research on your part, your pitch will be mostly rejected.

So what should you do?

1. Visit several blogs in your niche that have reasonable traffic, and accept guest posts.

2. Write down the blog names, their urls, and the names of their Editors.

3. Do not go for blogs that ask you to pay before posting, unless of course, you want to do a paid post.

4. If you’re the lazy type, ensure you have nothing less than 10 blogs in your list. Otherwise, I advice you go for 30 blogs that you can post to.

Let’s face the truth. Not every blog owner will accept you. So if you have 30 blogs in your list, you might get about 15 of them to accept you. If you have only 10 blog lists, 5 out of the 10 blog owners might accept you and believe me, 5 is low.

5. Take time to go through each blog post and comments on these blogs.
The information you get will help you map out a unique topic that hasn’t been written or posted on the blog before. At the same time, your article should answer specific questions asked by readers in the comment section.

6. Now while you go through each blog articles, try to leave comments. And I don’t mean a “oh, such a nice write-up” kind of comment.

Drop a sound comment that portrays you as someone who knows what he/she is talking about, and that you understand the articles. It makes the blog editors take notice of you.

7. After your research, start writing your story or article, one at a time. You’ll overwhelm yourself if you push too hard to produce 5 or 10 written works a day.

This is because you need to carry out thorough research so as to produce quality content. And one article can take you anywhere from 5 to 10 hours, or more, depending on what you’re researching and writing about.

If you’re an author writing short story or a flash fiction, 4 to 5 hours is ok for writing and editing. Then give a few hours break, revisit it and EDIT again. Better still, give a day or two’s break and then revisit again for editing.

Before this time, you have written other blog posts that will later be edited.

Why should you spend all that time on a guest post? Because first impression matters.

No blog owner will allow bad content on their blogs, especially if they’re among those who understand the need for quality.

And since you’re being exposed to fresh set of readers, you need to do all you can to make a good and lasting impression.

If you’re good enough, you may be asked to be a regular contributor on some of the blogs and the readers there will overtime, get used to you.

Now the most important thing to consider when developing your idea is to figure out why people should care enough to read what you’ve written about.

Ask yourself, “Why is this important to readers? Am I bringing value to them? Or am I just writing for the sake of it?”

If you can answer the above questions well, then you’re on the right path.

8. When your write-up is good to go, draft and send pitches via email to the Editor of each blogs.

Your pitch should contain something about yourself(very brief),

1. Your name.

2. The title of your article.

3. Summary of the article

4. Why you think its good for their blog readers, or why it is timely.

Your pitch heading, in fact, should portray what your article is about. It is one of the old-time tricks of getting editors to open your email, instead of deleting it without bothering to see what is inside.

Now, the question some people have asked is, who am I going to address my pitch to?

You address it to the blog Editor. Below are the types of Editors we have.

Acquisitions Editor – This person takes charge of acquiring articles for the blog. You have a 70% chance he/she will attend to your pitch.

Articles Editor – This Editor is in charge of everything that has to do with content creation and editing. He/she aligns all blog articles to portray the blog’s style and voice.

Associate Editor – he/she is the main assistant to the Editor-in-Chief. He/she can attend to your pitch.

Executive Editor/Editor-in-Chief – This person is the head/owner of the blog. He/she is tied up with a lot of work that is meant to push the company forward. You can only have this person attend to you, at the early stage of the business

So how do you get the addresses of this people?

Check their contact page, follow them on social media, look through old posts where it’s possible they may have dropped their email addresses.

You could also use email directories or Limeleads. Limeleads shows you the owner of a blog, as well as their contact email addresses.

When addressing your email, address it to any of the above listed editors, or blog owner. Use first name.

Yes, Africans like respect a lot, so you find yourself writing please sir and please ma. But if you’re pitching to a foreign blog, DON’T YOU DARE IT! It makes you sound like you’re begging for something, and nobody likes beggars.

You will make them feel uncomfortable with you and this MAY prevent them from responding.

I used to be guilty of this; starting each email with ma and sir. Unfortunately, only 2 out of those who got the sir and ma title responded positively.

Those I addressed by first name responded more.

Now let us be frank. Even if you’re guest posting for free, some publications will still reject your work if it doesn’t hold any significant meaning or impacts their blog readers positively.

Still, others know you just want to tap into their traffic and would reject you for it.

To be accepted, you have to sell yourself. You have to make them see you and your written work as something new and important to their readers.

In clear and easy to understand words, tell them what you have written about and explain your point of view as well as argument. Let them know why your idea is unique, important, and what value it adds to ongoing conversations.

When writing your pitch, ensure you highlight on the above points. Screw the patronizing spirit; kick it out your door and face your computer or laptop or phone, like you would a friend.

Jorden Roper said, “God knows Editors have enough robotic tone emails to deal with in a day. So much so, they wouldn’t mind a little friendly + professionalism”.

Don’t forget to add a few samples or excerpt of the article. It helps to show the editor that you are experienced and that you know your onions.

Note 1 : Please know that Editors get tones of messages everyday and they will do anything to reduce the stress, and that includes deleting unsolicited emails unless of course, you can grab their attention.

Also, if you don’t get a response within the required time frame, do not hesitate to do a follow-up. It helps a lot.

Note 2: The blogs don’t have to be so big or have millions of visitors. The important thing is that they have traffic at all and you can guest post with them.

Now the more guest posts you make, the more back links you get and the more you climb high in google ranking as readers upon readers flood your blog

Yep! I know I said I’ll show you 3 ways. But here is a fourth one – Email listing.

You can pull huge traffic from your email list. But first, you have to build your list.

See this link on How to Build Your Email List

I’ll love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.


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