My Services

I Offer Freelance Blogging Services to Business Owners Who Are Serious About Turning  Readers To Buyers

What does my marketing/blogging services entail?

1. We take 70 to 80% blogging work load off your shoulders. The remaining 20 to 30% is just you supplying us the information we need to effectively market your business online with blogging.

2. We handle your blogging activities, including placing your company’s ad services on strategic places in your blog, so as to drive sales.

3. We carry out thorough research before writing your blog articles, so in the end, we can get the needed response in sales.

4. We come up with social media strategies to help grow your company’s email list, blog/website traffic, and also drive sales.

5. We work on your entire website/blog sales copy to perfection, so as to aid sales

6. We build your email listing and handle email marketing, still, to drive sales.
You can see we are particular about sales. After all, we are talking about your business here, not your hobby.

And we know that to get real sales, we need to help build up customers’ trust in your company, hence, we give everything necessary to ensure that trust is built, and sales increases.

Our service is on a per month contract basis. And if you’re happy with our performance at the end of the first month (and I know you will be happy😃), we can always sign up another contract agreement for the number of months you want me and my team to handle your business marketing/blogging activities online.

I also offer coaching services to employees in charge of blogging and online marketing.

If you’re interested in what we offer, then please, contact me. I’ll help you set up a profitable blog. Or restructure your blog to be profitable.I

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