Important Questions and Answers About Blogging

I do get a lot of questions from people and clients about blogging. Some of these questions, I have already answered as blog posts.
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Please remember, I’m only touching on the important questions. So here are the others

1. Is passive income real? And can I achieve that with blogging?
My answer is yes. But first, what is passive income?

It is earning money from your business even while you’re not on ground.
You could be at a friend’s wedding, on a journey, in a classroom, a party etc, but when you check your account, you see that people have bought products from your blog.

But the truth is, you have to set up your blog strategically for passive income. Else, there would be none.

The good news is, passive income can be made from selling your own product or selling as an affiliate for a company.

2. What if my business isn’t the type that can give me passive income?

I see no problem there my friend. If you have to render a service, then no, it isn’t passive. Because you have to be on ground to deliver.

But as long as you blog about what you do, people contact you about your services, and sometimes, you even have to contact people.
You discuss what steps the person should take to get your services.

So yes, passive or not, you can earn from your blog.

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3. How soon can I start earning from my blog?

You can start earning from your blog a week after set up. Or two weeks. Maybe a month. Maybe three months. Six months. Or a year.

My point is, depending on how you set up your blogging business, how you pull in traffic, how you keep that traffic and then market your product or services to them, determines how soon you start earning from your blog.

There are things you must put in place before launching your blog, if you want to earn from it.

But common, if people are visiting your blog for the first time and they come across just one or two articles, they wouldn’t be convinced enough to stop and make a purchase from you.

Hence Daren of Problogger advised, it is best to have at least 10 articles ready and saved in your draft. Then publish 3 out of the 10 on your blog before you go live.

Subsequently, you publish the other posts one after the other.
Now you may ask, what kind of articles can I have in my blog?

See this link “The kinds of articles to post on your blog”.

4. Can I make 5 figures in my first month?

I Cannot assure you of five figures in your first month. Nope. I cannot. Unless of course, you hit the ground running. You carried out proper research. You get some influencers who help you make lots of noise about your business.

When I started blogging in 2013, due to my lack of understanding then about how blogging works, I didn’t make anything near 4 figures from my blog.

I had to take on private lesson for kids, just so I could earn something for upkeep.

Now, in this month alone, I can tell you I’ve had multiple payments for services rendered. And none of that, believe me, is passive.

5. How long would it take me to earn 6 figures?

It’s the same thing I’ve been saying above. It totally depends on how you go about your business.

6. Can I quit my day job and face blogging fulltime?

No. Bad Idea. Why? You may not make up to what you’re earning from your day job, per month, from your blog, within a month or two or even a year.

Your finances would take a nose dive and you’ll lose motivation to keep blogging.

My advise? Build your blogging business along side your day job. And as your monthly revenue increases, and then matches what you earn from your day job and even beat it, you can plan resigning from your job.

7. What should I do, to earn from my blog?

1. Render a service: these include
A. Freelance writing
B. Graphics design
3. Website design
4. Consultancy
5. Online or offline courses etc

2. Sell a product: these include
A. Ebooks
B. Cosmetics
C. Kitchen utensils
D. Clothes
E. Jewelries
F. Food items
G. Electronics
H. Videos ( entertainment videos or tutorial videos)

If you’re a news blog that pulls in lots of traffic, you may consider payper-click advertising. But please, do not clutter your blog with advert links. Also, register with legit payper-click ad service providers so you don’t fimd yourself promoting harmful and malicious stuffs in your blog

What to know why? See this link on why payper-click ads may be killing your business.

Apart from payper-click ads, you could offer customized ad services, where an individual pays you specifically to have his product or services advertised on your blog.

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8. How much should I invest in setting up my blogging business.

I always advice my clients to not pump in so much money at a go. No.
Blogging is a business. Yes. But if you really don’t know what you’re doing, it could flop. And then you’re left penniless.

Well, what if it doesn’t flop, but it takes you a reslly long time to make your blog really profitable?

And even if you know what you’re doing. If you think pumping in so much money will make you earn so much in return, almost instantly, it is a lie.

A lot of the people I started blogging with have long quit. The blog wasn’t giving them good returns, despite time and money invested.

You want to start your blogging business, pay only to get the necessary stuffs you need.

1. A domain name
2. Hosting
3. If you don’t know Jack about blog setup and design, you may need to hire a designer.
4. Your email listing
5. If you think you’re too busy to start, or the work load is much, you can hire an assistant to work with you.

Remember, spend on only the basic things you need.

Are you confused as to what business idea to start online? Get this Guide to 40 Business you can Start Small and Grow Big.

Are there questions here I didn’t touch on? And you want answers to them, please drop them in the comment section and I’ll reply.
I look forward to hearing from you.


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