How to Use Keywords to Choose a Profitable Niche

The word niche is something that still confuses a lot of people looking to do business online. Funny, it took me a long time to truly understand it and the importance of a niche business.

I used to be an all-rounder, a Jack of all trades and master of none? Yup, that was me, until I came to understand that focusing on one aspect of a business is a natural magnet that pulls to you those people who are interested your chosen niche.

Before we proceed, let us look at the question below

What are keywords?

Keywords are those words people type into Google search bar when they are looking for something on the Internet.

Simple right? Yes, right.

For example, if I want to find out how to repair my torn Gucci travelling bag by myself. I’ll go to Google search and type in “videos on how to repair torn Gucci traveling bags.” or “instructions on how to repair a torn Gucci traveling bag”.

Google will then display top blogs with the information I want.

The words I typed into Google search bar are keywords. And it is specific so that the exact information the user needs will surface.

I cannot just go and type in “traveling bags”. Google will instead bring out websites that sell traveling bags.

That is for keywords. Now what exactly is a niche?

I will answer that question in the simplest way possible.

A niche is one aspect of a business that you can focus on and build into a profitable venture. For example, instead of doing a shoe business, focus on pointed heel shoes. This helps your female audience know you for this particular type of shoe. For every party or date, they will come to you for their new collections.

What more? Instead of selling computer parts, sell Lenovo computer parts. In this case you are focusing on one brand of computer, Lenovo.

Instead of being a fiction writer, be a romance fiction writer or a crime fiction writer.

Instead of being an online tutor, be an online music tutor.

In other words, be specific and follow through with it. It helps define your strategy and keeps you focused

As a fiction writer, I made the mistake of being a Jack of all trades. I wrote mystery, crime, romance and adventure. It took me nowhere and it got my readers confused.

When a particular “Writers Award” was ongoing, I was confused about what award category to apply for. Romance? Or crime? Or mystery? Or adventure. Some of my readers who would have loved to nominate me didn’t know what category to get me into.

Same thing happened to my freelance writing gigs. I’ll take on any gig, ghostwriting romance novels, crime novels and all sorts of research works and blog articles. It confused me. I found I had to always deeply research new jobs and get myself immersed in it before I could bring out something good.

But if I had simply focused on what I’m doing now, I’ll know from what angle to take each writing deal because I know from the start that the main reason for the write-up is marketing, not just having a word count. So instead of the old way of learning different unrelated stuffs on new jobs just so I can deliver, I’m now gaining more marketing knowledge/experience with every job and constantly turning in articles that deliver on their promise, and do even more.

Note: On the internet today, you cannot just write and expect to be found. There was a time I wrote for the sake of it. Now I write intentionally so as to get a certain response. The reason I can do that is because I have a niche I am focusing on – content marketing for businesses.

If you already have a business offline that you want to bring online, it is easy, because you already have a niche. Eg, publishing house, baby shop, hairstylist etc. However, if you’re starting afresh online, you must do the necessary work. Find Your Niche.

There are reasons why your business should be online. There are also reasons why it will fail if you start on a wrong foundation. And not finding a niche is part of a wrong foundation.

It is sad though, that even with thousands of articles written online about choosing a niche, a lot of people still find it hard when it comes to doing just that.

Now I’m going to list nothing less than 65 niche ideas, which also happen to be keywords, in different categories below. This is so you can have an Idea what choosing a niche is all about.

1. Best Ways to Make Money
2. How to Set up Your Business Without Capital
3. Best Online Businesses That Pay $100 per day
4. How to Setup Your Already Existing Business Online
5. Best Survey blogs to Earn Money From

1. Lose Weight
2. Healthy Living
3. How to Treat Cancer
4. How to Treat Skin Diseases
5. How to Kill Fibroid

1. How to Find Your Life Partner
2. Best Match Making Tricks
3. Online Dating For Adults
4. Getting Your Ex Back
5. Best Sex Experiences for Newly Weds

1. Best Baby Food
2. Best Baby Wears
3. Best Baby toys
4. Best Baby Cots
5. Teach Your Baby to Talk

1. How to Start a Vegetable Farm
2. How to Start Fish Farming
3. How to Rear Pigs
4. How to Keep Your Seeds Safe From Pest
5. Best Storage System For Your Harvested crops

1. Fast Bead Making
2. How to Patch Your Old Jeans
3. Shoes
4. Best Makeup Kits
5. Body Creams

Real Estate:
1. Houses for Rent
2. Houses For Sale
3. Land for Sale
4. Home Renovation
5. Building Your Home From Scratch

Online Tutors:
1. Foreign Language Tutor
2. Mathematics Tutor
3. English Tutor
4. Computer Tutor
5. Speech Presentation Tutor

1. Best Cars
2. Latest Cars
3. Cars for Hire
4. Car Spare Parts
5. How to Repair Car Engines

1. Best Event Decorations
2. How to Plan Your Event
3. Best Event Location
4. Affordable Event Centers
5. Best Caterers For Your Event

1. Best Cooking Practices
2. How to Cook Latin Dishes
3. How to Cook Spanish Dishes
4. How to Cook African Dishes
5. How to Cook For Parties

1. Best Travel Services
2. Best Airline Services
3. Best Location for Holidays
4. Tourist Locations
5. How to Settle Down in a New Country

Entertainment :
1. Fiction novels
2. Music
3. Movies
4. Reality Shows
5. Award Ceremonies

I could go on and on because these are just a few keywords from the thousands you can find on the internet.

Now the list we have above is still broad. We have to do further work by breaking down our chosen niche idea. It is in breaking it down that you get your own niche.

For example, by breaking down number 1 in the baby category, you get to know what aspect of best baby foods you want to do as a business. So instead of just “Best Baby Foods”, you build your business around “Best Baby Foods For a Day to 1 Month Old Babies” and stick to that. Babies from 2 months upwards are no longer your concern.

This helps you focus.

You now know that your audience are soon to be mothers, as well as mothers who have very recently put to bed. Then you know the kind of contents to produce, and you know the kind of marketing strategies to apply.

I hope you understand what I’ve explained above? Now let us progress.

There are lots of tools online that can be used to further break down keywords into niche ideas. Let us start with the most popular – Google search and Google Keywords.

Being the most popular search engine in the world, Google can give you accurate information on what people search for and the type of words they use.

Let us use the first niche ideas in 3 of the categories above for some examples. We are going to type them in Google search bar. Google will then automatically bring out a list of keywords people actually use in searching for articles on each niche.

Do not forget that these keywords can also serve as niche ideas. Now let us look at them.

Best Ways to Make Money

How to Lose Weight

How to Find Your Life Partner

Now if you use Google Adwords keyword search, you’ll find more options.

The whole idea here is, find a specific keyword people usually search for and build your business around it.

The interesting thing about keywords is that it can also give you ideas on what niche to choose.

Of course, there are other online tools to use when searching for your niche. These are the two major tools I use.


I did a small example with See them below

Best Ways to Make Money

How to Find Your Life Partner

How to Lose Weight

Best Baby Food

So now that you know what a niche is and you know you can use keyword niche tools to help you find your niche idea, as well as keywords for your post tags, what are those things you should consider before choosing a niche?

First, these are the things you shouldn’t do:

1. Do not avoid competition. If there is competition in your chosen niche, it is solid proof that there is money being made in it. That means you can get your own share of the cake. You only have to find a way to be better than your competitors.

2. Stop looking for niche ideas and start looking at people. This is one solid lesson I learnt literally from Yaro Starak and Danny Iny, but practically from my experience.

When you look at the questions people are asking, and you know how to answer those questions or you can look for a way to link them up with people who can answer them, then you have a niche. And because these people have been asking these questions, you soon find that they are also willing to pay you for the answers.

However, if you look at ideas, you’ll get to understand that your idea is what you want, not really what people want. And because of that, they are not interested in buying.

So simply make your audience your partners by giving them what they want. Believe me, they will buy.

So apart from the two things not to do above, ask yourself these questions:

1. Are people making money from my chosen niche? How are they making money?

You should study how others in your niche are monetizing their platforms. Be sure they are making money. As in, be very sure, because if so many of those ahead of you are not making anything, you probably won’t either.

It will be terrible to just set up any business of your choice and then HOPE that people will just love it and patronize you.

2. Will I still be able to write a topic on this niche years from now?

In Episode 95 of the Pro Blogger podcast, Darren advised that before you finalize on your niche choice, sit down, take a pen and paper and write out 100 unique titles for articles that will be published in your blog.

If you succeed in writing 50 topic ideas, then sure, your chosen niche is sustainable. But if you can only come up with 10 topic ideas after hours of brainstorming, dump it and niche hunt again. It simply means you do not know enough about that particular business or the business has no potential.

I urge you to take the above advice seriously, because if you don’t, you’ll soon find that you are stuck on topic ideas. And because you are stuck, you might start to find yourself posting content(s) that are not related to your niche. I assure you that this will turn your readers and subscribers off. And believe me, you don’t want that.

Before I started Violet Ink Copy, I was able to write down over 70 topic ideas at one sitting. And ever since I did my quiet launch of the platform, I’ve been able to write out another 20 topic ideas.

The interesting part is that, ideas still pour in every now and then.

So even if I write no more topic ideas, as long as I’m blogging with the expert module, those topics I have written can last me for more than 8 months. So I keep having content and my business stays sustained.

3. Can I frame topics to be uniquely mine?

Yes you can.

The truth is, there is hardly any business you can think of that is not already on the Internet. So it is now left for you to rebrand your niche and splash your authority and brand all over it.

For example, you choose a car rental niche. Let us say, “Lyn’s Rentals”. You rent out cars to couples for their wedding.

Obviously, a lot of people are doing that online today. So how can you stand out? How can you coin your titles to not resemble others? See examples below:

a. Instead of a general topic, “Discover the Most Rented Cars in 2017, customize it to “Discover the Most Rented Cars on Lyn’s Rentals in 2017”.

b. Instead of “4 Reasons These Cars Will Serve You Better”, write “4 Reasons Why OUR Cars Will Serve Your Purpose Better”. See emphasis on our. It makes the title yours. Anyone reading that article on your page knows it is about your cars, not just any random car or random rental company.

c. Instead of “Rent a Car and Get a Bonus”, write “See What You’ll Get if You Rent a Car From Us This Holiday”, or “4 Holiday Gift Items For Every Rent Made on Lyn’s Rentals”

These are just examples that you can improve on.

But in a situation where you feel there’s no way to make unique topic ideas, dump it. So you don’t end up sounding like everyone else.

4. Is my niche empty? Am I the only one doing it? (Depending on some factors, this could be bad).

Being the first to do something means doing all the groundwork to get people interested in it. In most other Instances, you might work it all year round and not make any money from it, especially if you don’t have enough finance to sponsor ads that gets your business in front of potential customers and also get them interested.


So What if You do Not Have a Niche to Pick From the Lot?

If you cannot pick a niche from all the options you get, then look hard and long at yourself. Think about what you have achieved or overcome in the past? Think of your hobbies or those things you love to do that you think will benefit a lot of people.

Now don’t rely on your self assessment alone. For every idea you get from your assessment, browse it on the internet. Go to other blogs doing the same thing and see how they are doing it. Also browse affiliate sites and online shops just to know how well products in your chosen self assessment niche are selling.

Remember, you need proof that the niche you have chosen, works, and that money can be made from it. In as much as money shouldn’t be the number one focus, but customer satisfaction, you should still ensure you’re earning from your business.

If you are not earning, you soon lose interest in what you do, unless it is a charity organization.

So, now you know how to go about choosing your niche. You need to know that everything else you do, depends on it. They include:

1. Domain name (the name you will register for your business)
2. Website design and graphics
3. Ideas for topics
4. How your content should come out
5. Deciding who your target audience is.
6. And deciding how you will serve them.

Now go out there and get a niche. But if you still need clarity, visit this link It is all about niches and best niche businesses.

You can thank me later.😊

If you have anything else to add to what I’ve written, please drop them in the comment section, I’ll love to tap into your own ideas concerning this. Also, if you have question(s), drop them too. I will respond ASAP.

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