Can You Use Blogging to Effectively Market Your Business?

The above is one question I get a lot from readers who are interested in blogging. Can blogging be used to effectively market your business?

My answer is yes. And it will always be yes.

Why? Blogs are interactive platforms where you share information with your readers about your business. You tell them the services you render, how you render it and how your services will better their lives.

These readers ask questions in the comments section and you reply.

Now each post you make on your blog is directly or indirectly about your business and the services you offer. Depending on how you present your business in your write-ups, you get people who want your services, interested in patronizing you.

So how do you go about marketing your business online? Set up a blog and start blogging right away? No.

Setting up a blog and launching right away is one mistake a lot of people make. There are stuffs to be done first.

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Now you have your blog. You’ve put in place everything that makes your blog user-friendly and can at a go, tell your visitors what you’re about.

What next? How do you start writing posts to educate people of what you do?

You start with your introductory posts. in fact, your first 4 to 5 posts should be about your willingness to help people with your products or services.

For example, you run a health blog where you help people treat acne. Your first 4 to 5 articles should be something around these kinds of titles.

1. My First Experience With Acne and How I Overcame.

2. What is Acne and How Does it Come About?

3. Are Their Food Substances That Causes Acne Too?

4. What Kinds of Treatment Can One Use To Treat Acne?

5. Best Health Practices to Help You Stay Acne Free.

Content around these titles, told with a COMPELLING STORY, are sure to earn you some engagements from readers.

And depending on the tone of your voice, and the authority it carries, people can tell you know your stuff. And it is human nature to want to patronize someone who knows his/her stuff.

Some clients have asked me this, “since I am already an expert in my chosen field, do I still need to research before writing a post? The answer is yes.

Why? Because there are over a thousand other experts on the internet, who knows something you don’t, something that could give you an edge. Besides, you also get to see their method of presentation.

No man is an island to himself. We keep learning new things that helps our businesses Progress.

So apart from having well researched, informative and engaging posts, what else must you do in order to market your company effectively with your blog and turn your readers to buyers?

1. While you’re useful to readers by helping them, you should also sell. Do not be afraid to sell.

True, it is a turn off when your blog readers see that you’re just out to make money from them. Your entire blog post is clogged with buy this and buy that. You kill their interest.

But when they see that you’re really out to help, they will be happy to patronize, afterwards.

It is never a bad idea to offer some free services, just as it is never a bad idea to sell your products and services.

2. Customer testimonials. This is one thing that will help greatly. People want to hear from others, what their experience was like buying and using your product or services.

So for your business, try to get customers to write reviews about your products or services.

3. Have a time-table for posting content and follow it strictly.

In as much as you do not need to make daily posts for your business, you should have a fixed time for posting. Once or twice a week is good.

If readers visit your blog frequently and see that there are no new posts, they assume you’re no longer in business.

4. Be interactive with readers. Encourage them to drop comments and try as much as possible to respond.

5. When you respond to questions, it is always better to use your personal experience to help them understand your point better, and gain their trust.

6. integrate your blog with your business’ social media accounts. So when you make a post, each post automatically shares to your various social media handles.

This saves you time and helps your blog traffic.

7. Email list building. They say the money is in the list.

Without having a list, Stephanie Obi’s workshop was empty. Now that she has built a list, she has over 400 students attending her workshops.

It is unfortunate though, that a lot of people jump the gun now. They simply buy a list, instead of building theirs.

The truth is, in as much as a few people open unsolicited emails, very few will follow the call to action buttons in your email and the few who do will not buy. If they’re curious enough, they will make use of your contact form to make more enquiries.

Why? Because they need to know you more and understand properly, what services you offer and how you offer it. They also need to know that they can TRUST you. The keyword here being trust.

A relationship must be built.

But if you did not jump the gun, if you took time to grow your email list, then those who willingly subscribed will be happy to hear from you. A good number of them will be happy to buy from you.

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Now what other tactics can you implement so as to properly market your business with your blog and make sales??

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So, are there other ways you use blogging to  Effectively Market Your Business? Or, do you have something to say concerning the above post? Please drop a comment. I’ll love to hear your thoughts.

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