6 Ways Ads Are Killing Your Online Business

You might wonder, “ads are great ways to make money. Why will anyone stand against it? Or is it really possible that Pay-Per Click ads are killing my business?” the answer to your last question is, YES!

So what are the way ads are killing your online business? See them below:

1. Poorly Written Content

When I was first introduced to the concept of blogging, the first monetization strategy that followed the blogging orientation was Google Adsense. Then other ad networks followed, Chitika, Bitvatisers etc.

These ads come in form of html codes that you embed in your blog. They come out as banner ads, text ads or even pop-up ads.

Everyone tells you how you can make so much money from ads. But they don’t tell you the downsides.

The truth is, to be able to make the kind of money they promise you, you need to pull in lots of traffic daily. At least 5,000 unique visitors, daily.

To hit that mark, I’ve seen blog owners do anything to have fresh content posted regularly, so as to get more visitors coming back.

Unfortunately, their content starts to drop in quality. Some even go as far as copying and pasting on their blogs, other people’s content, without permission.

I used to be guilty of poor content, until I discovered what a turn-off my blog became. And I see lots of newbie blog owners making same mistake.

While some readers will complain, others won’t. They just stop visiting your blog. Why? Because there’s nothing worthwhile for them to read.

The good part is, there are those who will complain to you.

Please, do not toy with their complaints. Ensure you go back to posting quality content on your blog.

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Furthermore, desist from copying and pasting people’s content, without approval.

2. Distraction That Affects Your Conversion.

Ok. Let’s say you aren’t one of those who write poor articles. You sit on your backside for hours, working to ensure your article offers quality to your readers.

But… yes, there is a but.

But, in the body of your article, and at the end of it, you have Call to Action buttons.

Unfortunately, the ads in your blog have their own call to action buttons. And they’re attractive. Readers who were to click on your Call to Action buttons, will end up clicking the buttons in your ad.

These ads compete with your call to action button. It could be a share button, like, comment, sign up, buying a product, etc. The ads instead, send readers out of your blog, to another. And in the long run, it affects conversions of your blog readers.

3. Poor User Experience

As much as ads help some people make a few bucks online, it also kills your reader’s experience.

Pop-up ads annoy readers.

As soon as I added pop-up ads on my story blog, readers complained badly. I wondered why until I tested it myself, from a blog visitor’s view.

As soon as the blog opens, these ads automatically opens up in another tab and lead readers to another site. Sometimes a game site, sometimes a movie site, other times an advert site or a hotel site. There are random sites like that.

And then security alerts go off in their devices, warning them that the site is harmful.

Readers had to quickly close the tab, just like I did.

The above happened every time the blog was opened.

It was a big turn off for readers, and I lost a lot of them during that short period.

Yes. Short. As long as I embed ads in my blog, I’m unable to control the kinds of ads that come up, neither can I control how it displays or protect my readers from the security threats these ads pose.

So by the end of that week, I took the ads down. But I had already lost readers.

Even my best friend called to say, he wouldn’t be visiting my blog again, if something wasn’t done about the ads.

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4. You Might be Advertising Your Competitor’s Business Over Yours.

Let us face the truth. Pay per click ads comes in html code. Unfortunately for you and me, we cannot control the type of ads it displays.

Almost too late, a lot of blog owners using ads, will find they are advertising other blogs offering the same services they are offering.

I once came across a news site that had ads, advertising another news site.

I also came across a blog where freelance writing and blogging services are offered, advertising pub.lish, a place where blog owners source for great fantastic freelance writers for their blogs.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yeah. Bad market.

So you see that for the peanuts you’re being paid, you are advertising your competitors at the detriment of your business.

5. A lot of times, people are drawn to your blog, so as to get certain information.

If your article is cluttered with ads, it results in your authority and credibility being diminished before your readers.

6. Pay-per Click Ads Pay You Peanut

Yes. It is the bitter truth. You can’t just throw up a blog together, put in ads, share links and expect millions to roll in.

The average you get for ads, when a visitor clicks,is $0.50. Some pay less. And if you do not have up to 5000 unique visitors daily, you wouldn’t make anything reasonable. Even with that, the money wouldn’t cover your bill and you wouldn’t really be able to live the laptop life.

The question now is, why inconvenience your readers, just to be paid very little?

Placing ads on your blog is really now the way to go, unless of course, you’re a news site that pulls in at least, 10k to 50k unique visitors a day, and you can be strategic about how you place your ads.

PS: I know, after reading this post, you’re wondering, if ads are killing my online business, how then can I monetize my blog?

Not to worry. Next week, I’ll be discussing the best ways to monetize your blog, without needing to use Google Adsense, Chitika or any of the many pay-per click advertising we have out there.

So, what are your own experiences with pay-per click ads like? Or What do you like or dislike about placing PPC ads on your blog? Please share your comments below, I’ll love to read your thoughts.

4 ways ads are killing your online business

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