6 Reasons Why You Might Fail as a Blogger.

Yeah, there are 6 reasons why you might fail as a blogger. These reasons are pitfalls that must be avoided by any serious minded person who wants to succeed with blogging, no matter what.

So I’m just going to list these reasons below.

1. As a blogger, if money is your sole motivation, instead of really wanting to help/serve your readers, then failure is inevitable.

Building a blog to become profitable requires time. And during this time, you need to deliver quality content, quality customer support, quality consultancy, and you need to build trust between you and your readers.

Trust is your key to success. Without it, no one will patronize your products or services.

Most deals that I’ve closed out was because those clients sensed I was truly willing to help them, not just wanting to make some quick bucks.

2. Do not try to teach people to do something that even you cannot do. And above all, be practical.

Yaro Starak in his book, ‘The Blog Profits Blue Print’, said, “do not start a blog on making money, if you haven’t made any..”

Online readers are smarter now. They can smell lies from miles away. And if they perceive you to be a liar, then you lose their trust and patronage.

3. Do not start too many blogs or project at the same time. If you do, you find yourself stagnant because you’re to busy trying to make all of them a success at the same time.

I was guilty of this. And I can tell you, first hand, that I was very busy, working my backside out day and night, but wasn’t seeing any significant progress. No results. No nothing.

It is wise to take on one project at a time. Work it up until it is stable and highly profitable, before taking on a second project.

Slow and steady they say, wins the race.

4. If you are one of those who think blogging is quick money, you’ll make rash decisions that will affect your business.

Blogging and gambling are miles apart. While the later brings you quick money, the former doesn’t.

I’ve met a lot of people who thought that way. And because they were sure quick money was on the way, they slap a quick blog with quick content together.

However, before the blog closed down, they made little or nothing out of it.

Good Blogging requires you to

* Choose a good niche

*Write quality blog posts that markets your products or services

You think writing is too much work for you? Then contact me. Let’s discuss how I can help you with content marketing.

5. During my earlier research about blogging, I noticed I was feeding on every information I could find online.

Different blogging ideas were thrown at me and I looked into every one of them.

Not long afterwards, I was confused about what I really wanted to do. Why? I didn’t make an outline of the kind of information I needed, before starting out.

Sure, there are a lot of great ideas and implementation tactics online. But you have to narrow down your search and pick only that which you need. Then you’ll have a focus.

Downloading every information into your brain and is what Yaro Starak calls information overload.

It leaves you confused and in severe cases, mentally paralyzed.

6. Any body who has ever started a business and succeeded greatly, has made impact.


Because the sole reason for setting up a business is to provide solutions to certain problems and get paid for it.

It is also to entertain those who need it, and get paid doing so.

If your chosen business is not satisfying a need, no body will pay for it. And if they do not pay, you earn nothing. Soon afterwards, your business shuts down.

So you have to ensure your blog business is out to offer solutions and make impact.

I’ll end this post with a quote from Danny Iny – “failure is failure only if it happens in the last chapter. Otherwise, it is a plot twist”.

You have more chapters of your life to write. Ensure it ends with success.

I will love to hear your thoughts on this.

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