2 Major Ways to Make Money From Your Blog Without Ads?

2 Major Ways to Make Money From Your Blog Without Ads? Seriously?

Hey, I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m going to write here today. Sure, same old stuff you’ve seen everywhere on the internet, right?

Plus, you might be wondering, can one truly make good money from a blog? Your colleagues, friends and even family, laugh at you. They say you’re dreaming of making cool cash from a hobby? Since when did sitting on one spot and writing your ass off for a blog, earn anyone millions?

Well, that’s their cup of tea. Why? Because there are lots of people with a blog today making cool cash online. They start small, then grow big.

How do they do it? Simple. They start with getting a blog. Getting a website is never enough. You need a blog.

See this link on why a blog is better than a website.

So before establishing your online presence, via your blog, what are those things you should put in place first? See this link on things to do before establishing your online presence.

Last two weeks, I touched on reasons why having pay-per-click ads in your blog can kill your business. See the link here

And I promised, this week, to write about ways to earn money from your blog without PPC Ads.

Now let’s get to the main gist

Without using pay per click ads, how can you make money with your blog?

1. You have to set up your blog

2. You must write content that gets lots of traffic – ​Discover 7 Ways to Improve your Blog Content and Get Readers Hooked

3. Convert visitors into email subscribers – see how to convert readers to subscribers here.

4. Send those subscribers content that builds trust – email marketing

5. Sell products or services your audience needs.

Five easy steps. However, as you start, with number one, then two, and so on, you find that it isn’t so easy to do these and just rake in millions.

You have to develop several tactics on how to effectively execute the above steps and make impact.

I was an amateur blogger too. I suffered with it too. It took me years of suffering to realize, I have been doing things wrongly. Even now, I’m still learning. True, one can never stop learning in business, especially the blogging business.

You see, blogging is a lot like business. In fact it is a business. You start, you fail, then you try again, of course, after carrying out better research.

Jon Morrow (CEO of smartblogger.com) said: “I’ve never seen anyone learn everything necessary to build a profitable blog in less than three years.

For two, there’s the chance of failure. Your first two or three blogs you start will probably fail because you make a fatal misstep. In other words, it’s exactly like starting a business. Exactly”.

So for you to make money out of your blog, you have to treat it as you would, every other normal business.

So what can you sell on your blog to make money?

1. Sell your own products and services.

2. If you have no product or services of your own, be an affiliate. Help other people sell their own products and services, for a commission.

Jon Morrow said: “The moment you decide to use your blog to make money, you’re no longer just a blogger. At that moment, you also become an entrepreneur, and your blog becomes a small business.

So let us start with number one:

1. Selling your products and services.

While starting your blog, you need to plan to make money, else you wouldn’t make anything. You need to be proactive. You need to be willing to learn, plan, and execute, efficiently.

So list out products of your own, you can sell. If you have no products, at least you can render services.

From my years of blogging, I have come to understand that when people come to your blog, its like coming for a free seminar, or entertainment. They will hardly know about your products or services, unless you mention them in the course of your seminar (in this case, blog post). Or display them in strategic places in your seminar hall (in this case, your blog’s side bar).

It is not different from the stands you see at live seminars, selling products or services.

You have to do everything in your power, to make your readers know, what you’re selling.

So instead of putting banners from pay-per-click ads in your blog’s side bar, headers, footer and post body, place your own business ads.

First, create a banner that tells your blog visitors, at a go, what you’re selling. If you have three or four different services or products to sell, create customized banners for each of those products and place them as ads on your blog.

So when people come to your blog to read up information or get entertainment, they wouldn’t miss the banners. And believe me, they will click on those banners.

They say if the mountain doesn’t go to Mohammad, then Mohammed most go to the mountain. Since blog readers would hardly click your services page, then bring your services before their eyes.

Putting your own ads in your own blog helps you keep readers, because when they click your link, it wouldn’t take them to another blog. It will only take them to another page, in your own blog, where they will see the full details of what you offer, and buy from you.

So if you’re a graphic designer, blogger, freelance writer, digital marketer, storyteller etc. It is best you offer your services right away. Let people know what services you render.

If you’re scared of selling physical products or rendering physical services, then you can consider going digital. Digital Products and Services you can sell include, ebooks, consultancy, graphic designs, freelance editing, freelance writing, digital marketing etc. See this list of 40 Online Business Ideas.

It helps to give you ideas of the kinds of products/services you can sell.

2. What other ways can you make money from your blog? The answer is ‘Affiliate Marketing’. If you have no products or services you can render, then go for affiliate marketing. You market for people or companies that sell products or services in your niche area.

It is one of the smartest ways to make money online, until you understand the market enough and build your own products or services.

Now what is Affiliate Marketing? It is a business that requires you to post people’s products and services in your blog as banners and blog posts. You add your affiliate links too, and send people to those websites to buy. Those interested in your affiliate Products or Services, depending on how you write about them, will go on to make a purchase. After each purchase, you get your commission.

Some affiliate sites pay up to 50% commission from sales. Some pay more. Others pay less.

You think affiliate marketing is not effective? You think you’ve tried it before but it didn’t work and still cannot work? This why I am broke made $20,000 in one month, from Amazon affiliate sales alone. Pat Flynn makes $100,000 a month, from affiliate commissions.

It is true though, that as a new blogger you wouldn’t make so much from affiliate marketing, unless you can pull in massive traffic, and get them engaged, to earn reasonable commissions. This is where you have lots of work to do. Pulling in traffic and getting them engaged.

So if you’re a finding it hard to create products or service of your own, then you should look for affiliate products/services in your niche to promote. Try to get your audience engaged, and within a day or two, in fact, within minutes or hours, you can start earning your commissions.

Now, one crucial part of selling, is pricing. How should you price your products or services. Believe me, I know, first hand, what over pricing can do to your business, and I know, first hand, what under pricing can do to it too.

My advice? Do not under price your products or services. As long as you’re sure of what you’re delivering, and you are delivering quality, then place a good price.

Yes, not everyone will be able to patronize your high prized product or services. And believe me, your business is not for every reader that comes to your blog. Besides, you’ll make more money from high paying clients, than selling at a low price and making much less.

When you go to the pharmacy to get medications, you go for the expensive ones because you believe that it is more effective.

High prices have that effect. I have a friend who doesn’t buy malaria medicine cheaper than N1000.

If you give for free, people will think you’re giving them substandard products or services. If you price it low, same thing will happen.

However, if your price is quite on the high side, readers will take you more seriously and even though not all of them would buy, at least a reasonable number will buy. And you’d have made more profit.

For example, you sell an ebook that is packed full with valuable information, and you sell for:

High price: N10,000
Medium price : N5000
Low price: N2000
Free: N0

Now let’s say 20 people buy your products using these different prices. You make:

High price: N200,000 in sales.
Medium price: N100,000 in sales
Low price: N40,000 in sales
Free: N0 in sales.

For the medium price, you’ll need to get another 20 people to buy from you at N5000 to hit the same mark as the high price.

Now which looks more profitable? Yup. You know the answer to that.

Having said all the above, you must be asking yourself, when is the right time to sell? My answer. Immediately. As you launch your blog, have your services page. It is also good to have banner ads of your products and services in strategic locations on your blog.

I blogged for 3 years and didn’t make anything reasonable from my blog. It was a sad experience that almost killed my morale. And I almost quit. But I knew, if I quit, I loose. And I didn’t. I simply went into research and I’m bouncing back up.

The truth is, if you’re not making anything from your blog, it makes you sad. And soon, you start thinking of quitting.

But if you’re making sales, then you’re happy. You feel motivated to keep working.

So while you offer readers quality blog articles, showcasing how knowledgable, entertaining and awesome you are, don’t forget to showcase your products or services. Let them buy.

I’m going to end this article with this: To be able to get readers to patronize you products/or services, you need to not joke with your email listing and email marketing. Your email list is where the money is. Ask any blogger out there that is making cool millions, and they will tell you the email is where the money is. I always give example with Stephanie Obi.

No one attended her workshops or webinar. And no matter how much she spent on Advertising, no one still attended. It was after she built up her email list and started effective email marketing, that she got the kind of response she was seeking. I don’t know how many emails she has in her list, but to have 400 people in only one of her workshops is something to be very proud of, considering where she’s coming from.

See how to Build your email list here.

So do you have a blog, or a business you want to promote with a blog? Or you want to start a business but you’re not sure how or where to start? Contact me here. I’ll help you set up a profitable blog. Or restructure your blog to be profitable.

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