​Discover 7 Ways to Improve your Blog Content and Get Readers Hooked

Content they say is King. True. While marketing is Queen. Yes, I said so.

I don’t know if you know how frustrating it is to write a post and at the end of the day, people don’t get to read past the first paragraph.
Some readers who manage to read till the end leave terrible comments, others just disappear, never to be seen again.

If you have experienced the above, it might be because your content sounds like a lecture from my chemistry class. It sucks, it is too technical, or it lacks some vital elements.

I can tell it’s either of the 3 because I have been there.
There is hardly any challenge a new blogger or even those who have been in the business long enough are facing, that I have not faced.

The difference between me and some of them is that I have been able to overcome a lot of these challenges. And so I feel I am in a good position to tell you what works and what doesn’t.

You need to know that before you can write great content, you need to understand your niche.

If you don’t have a niche, I advice you get one. See this post on how to choose a niche.

So let’s move ahead now and look at 7 ways to get readers attracted to your content and get them to read to the end.

1. There are 4 content types that helps you connect with your audience.

A. Written content
B. Photo content (infographics)
C. Video content
D. Audio content

Research shows that people prefer infographics more than any other content type, because it not only tells them what they want to know, it also shows it to them at a glance.

What Exactly are Infographics?

It is using words and illustrations in a photograph so as to quickly pass information.

Sure, you cannot post videos, audio or even pictures without adding a caption or description. For this reason, we can see that all types of multimedia content compliment each other.

To make sure you post effective and really engaging content, have two multimedia content in your posts.

In other words, written content and picture content, written content and audio content, or written content and video content. You can also have a full post that is just video, audio or pictures.

What I have been trying to say above is, let your posts be visually enhanced. It increases the engagement.

In as much as there is need to have your business established online, it wouldn’t last if you cannot effectively apply all 4 multimedia content on your blog to boost assimilation and engagement.

2. Learn to Craft Attention Grabbing Topics.

Research has shown that cool topics help traffic. People are moved to click on them because they have a certainty about them. These attention grabbing topics include the following.

A. How to articles, eg, “How to Sew Beyonce’s Award Winning Dress in Less Than 5 hours”.

The keyword here being “How to”.

B. Discover articles, eg, “Discover How to Sew Beyonce’s Award Winning Dress in Less Than 5 Hours”.

The keyword here being “Discover”.

C. List articles, eg, “These 5 Steps Show You How to Sew Beyonce’s Award Winning Dress in Less Than 5 Hours”.

The keyword here being “5 Steps”

D. Question articles, eg, How Can You Sew Beyonce’s Award Winning Dress in Less Than 5 Hours?”

The entire topic is a question

E. The guarantee articles, eg, ‘I want to Show You How to Create Beyonce’s Award Winning Dress in 5 Steps, Guaranteed”.

The keyword here being “Guaranteed”.

These kinds of headings work magic for all business types. They attract people and spur engagement faster because they promise something.

However, a brief research I did showed that people loved the list article style more, because it helps them keep count of the necessary steps needed to achieve specific goals.

See these graphic examples I took from referral saas quatch dot com.
Note: You have to ensure your content delivers on the promise your title makes.

3. Always tell a good/emotional story.

Stories keep readers on and on till they reach the last word in your article. Not just any story. A really good one that evokes emotions will do.

Remember, you’re trying go make your readers take action, not think.
One of my best quote from Yaro Starak is this, “if you can get people to be rational, you make them think. But if you can get them to be emotional, you make them act”.

A story that is emotionally compelling, will do magic for you. It could be a story on how you overcame something and got to where you presently are. It could be someone else’s story.

It could even be a feedback from a customer who your product or services helped overcome certain challenges.

A compelling story could be sad, funny, motivational, educative or informative. It all depends on what you are writing about.

See these 2 compelling stories out of 5 case studies put together by https://www.classy.org and titled 5 Beautiful Examples of Compelling Nonprofit Storytelling.

The screenshots show 2 compelling stories from the above case study, used to achieve successful campaigns

Story 1

Story 2

4. Explaining definitions instead of directing readers to other blogs to get it.

Since you are working towards portraying yourself as an authority in your chosen niche, you need to be able to explain definitions.

In other words, explain terms to your readers.

See samples below:

“How to get the best out of NFC.
NFC simply means “Neck Firming cream”. It is a product used by people who have wrinkles on their neck”.

In the above, I used a term NFC and explained what it is.

See another example below:

“A blog post must have certain qualities in other to get the required response. One of those qualities is a strong CTA. CTA simply means Call to Action.

You use well thought out plots, stories and well-edited content to hook readers, but asking them, with a strong voice that evokes emotion, to click on the buy button or sign-up form is your CTA”.

Also, if you’re into technology stuffs, explain techy terms with plain English. A grade 3 English will suffice.

Example. I wanted to teach people how to identify an epub document and how to convert a doc format to epub. See this introduction I did below.

“To be able to publish on Okadabooks, your document must change from PDF or Word or TXT or RTF to Epub.

Epub is the accepted document format for publishing. If you upload any other format, you’ll get all kinds of error messages.

Now What is Epub?

Epub simply means Electronic Publication. This type of document ends with .epub extension, as against .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt or .pdf extensions.

Nonso and the Fat Hen.epub is an epub file.


Nonso and the Fat Hen.pdf is strictly a PDF file. Same goes with the other formats.

So you have to ensure your document has a .epub extension before uploading it for publishing. And no, just saving your file in word with .epub wouldn’t change it to a standard epub document.

You can see I didn’t send readers to another website to get the meaning of epub. Doing that means driving them away.

As for me, I’ve noticed that I totally dislike articles full of terms I am not familiar with, especially when they are not explained with plain and simple to understand words. It kills one’s zeal.

I know a lot of you don’t like it either. So why subject your readers to such harsh punishment?

5. Create your own definitions.

Apart from explaining definitions and terms online, create your own.
It totally portrays you as an authority who knows what he/she is about. It tells your readers you’re an expert. Most importantly, it keeps your readers instead of sending them away.

6. Present strong opinions and back it up with facts.

People love controversies. If the government does something that sits well with many people, but not with you, feel free to write about it.
If everyone loves a movie but you don’t like it, write about it and give a lot of sound reasons why you think the movie is wacko.

Also, if everyone is following a particular business style and you think it is wrong, feel free to spill the beans.

If you want to be known as someone who has strong opinion on certain issues, you just cannot afford to sit on the fence when such matters arise.

But hey, don’t go about creating controversies without facts or sound reasoning to back up your claim(s). If you do, you’ll lose respect from your readers who once adored you.

7. Your article should not be without substance.

Substance is what keeps attention, because it caters to your readers’ needs. And to create substance, you need to RESEARCH.

If your post is meant to teach women how to make beads, it should do just that.

If it is meant to inform them about the latest techy device that could help their business growth, it should be just that. It should explain the device, how it works and how it can be used to grow businesses.

You could add your own expertise with the ones you came across during your research.

Only then will your readers be sure the post was written for them.
Then you’ll find them taking the actions you want them to take, including signing up to your newsletter, sharing your posts, commenting and buying your products or services.

Please avoid watery articles. It kills your business faster than a bullet can kill a man.

Also, please know that creating fantastic content is 1 out of (5 things you need to do before launching your online business)

But if you are too busy to create your own content, or you’re lost on how to go about it, contact me, let’s discuss how I can help you create great content that will help move your business forward.

Are there other things you think should be added to this list? Or do you have a question? Please drop them in the comment section, I would real love to hear from you.

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